Bicycle Repair Service (HST included in all prices)

Service while you wait - drip coffee or tea is on us!

Flat tire - $24, includes price of tube
New chain - $24, plus price of chain

Scheduled or Walk-in Bike Service- drip coffee or tea is on us!

Scheduled service for regular maintenance is typically same-day, drop off in AM, pick up in PM. Call (226-289-2670) or email ( to schedule! Walk-in (bike-in) service is welcome, we'll service your bike in a queue once scheduled service is done, first come, first served. 

Basic Tuneup* - $69 (HST included in price)

  • Lubricate chain, cables, and pivot points
  • Adjust brake alignment and cable tension for braking and gear systems
  • Check and adjust tire pressure
  • Secure all accessory bolts (racks, baskets, lights, etc.)
  • Safety check
  • Road test

Regular Tuneup* - $99 (HST included in price)

Includes all of Basic Tuneup plus:

  • Drivetrain cleaning
  • Wheel truing
  • Headset and bottom bracket adjustment

Full Service* - $249 (HST included in price)

Includes all of Regular Tuneup plus: 

  • Grease and overhaul all serviceable bearing systems

  • Replace all cables and housings (specialty cables extra) 

  • Drivetrain removal and ultrasonic cleaning

  • No labour charge on parts installation with Full Service package.

Kids Bike: $50 and up

Please bring the bike into the shop for an estimate. 

Special Projects: $90/hr general shop rate, $25 minimum charge

Custom wheel building, hydraulic brake bleeds, parts and accessories installation, and other special projects. We'll always give a clear up-front estimate of costs for service. 

Department-Store-Bike Safety Check - $69

Did you recently acquire a new department store bike, and are unsure that it's safe to ride? We'll take it through a full safety check-out including appropriate torque settings for brakes, handlebars, pedals, and more. New (ridden once or twice) bikes only for this service, please. 

Build a Bike from a Box - $200 (most bikes)

Did you buy a bike online, or win one in a contest? New bikes from boxes require professional building to activate the manufacturer's warranty, and we're pleased to provide this service. We'll professionally assemble the bike, and provide documentation to satisfy the warranty provider. 

Pack a Bike in a Box - $100 (includes box and packing materials)

Are you traveling or moving, and want your bike to arrive safe and sound? We'll pack your bike carefully, wrapping key components in styrofoam. Box and packing materials are all included in the listed price. 

HST (13%) is included in all prices listed above. 

* service package prices are for most bikes. Additional charges for specialty bikes including cargo bikes, some European bikes, and Brompton.