Bikes for Business

We know bikes mean business, but don't take it from us. The owners of the businesses below know that bikes can be GREAT for business. If you're looking to start a new venture, or innovate for your existing market, adding a cargo bike (or an electric cargo bike) to your operation can save you money, and earn you kudos from your customers. Call us or email us today to start the conversation about how bikes can change how your business moves. 


Logistics and Delivery 

NOCAR CARGO, a New Zealand-based company, has taken the city by storm, offering same day rapid delivery service by cargo bike. Large and small packages, delivered fast, and friendly without the hassle of "standard packaging." Pickups and deliveries throughout the city have never been faster than with NoCar Cargo, who's speed is unimpeded by traffic, trains, or hills with their electric-powered cargo bike.  

On the big business spectrum, UPS has been using cargo bikes in several European cities for years, and recently introduced these cargo carriers in Toronto

The global market for moving goods in a carbon-constrained world will include more bikes, and innovators like NOCAR and UPS are leading that transition.  


School Bus and People Mover

Children in Canada don't get nearly enough exercise in their daily routine, and our streets are designed to be unsafe for them to ride their bikes on their own. Enter the school bus bike. This amazing Dutch invention allows children to pedal their way to school, getting supervised exercise, and safe transportation at the same time! 

Yes, we have snow in Canada, and no it's not as bad as you think. If you can dress your child up to go play outside at recess, you already know how to dress them up to ride this bike to school. Heck, if these kids in Calgary can ride to school on their own, we can get kids on bikes here in Ontario, too. Let's bring the school bus bike to Canada! 


Food Service and Delivery

A cargo-bike business list wouldn't be complete with a shout-out to London's first cargo-bike vendor, Real Pops. Their organic-ingredient frozen treats have been a staple of the London festival scene for a couple years, and their cargo bike is unmistakeable.

Food and drink service by cargo bike has been done effectively around the world, ranging from frozen pops and ice cream, coffee, bakery, pizza, or even sushi! Contact us about getting the right set-up for your cargo bike food operation. We make it easy to get started.