Brompton is changing how people experience cities, and travel around the world. Lightweight and durable, with a simple folding mechanism, this bike is designed for your lifestyle. Folded it fits under your desk, or in a closet, making bike theft a concern of the past. Take it with you in your car's trunk, on a boat, or an airplane, Brompton will become your essential travel companion. Come see us today to learn about the world's best folding bicycle. 

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Brompton Unfolded

Step 1

Check out Brompton at London Bicycle Café. We're here to answer questions and introduce you to the bike. We also have a demo bike available to take for a spin. 

Brompton Folding Bicycle Parked

Step 2

Visit Brompton's website and build your perfect bike. We are more than happy to help you in-store with this process, and will recommend the best bike for you.  


Step 3

Bring us the configuration code generated by the bike builder. We'll walk through your choices step-by-step to confirm your bike. Your order will go to Brompton and your bike will arrive in 7-12 weeks! 

Made it to the bottom of the page? Guess what - Brompton has one more trick up its sleeve. Coming in 2018 to North America: Brompton Electric