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Café Menu

We feature a rotating offering of baked goods: sweet & savory treats cookies, bagels, and even fresh bread to pair with our hand-poured espresso beverages. 

We are a no-tip establishment. Fair wages for our staff are included in all our prices.


Putting a spin on traditional Dutch foods.


Uitsmijter (out•smit•er) – A Dutch hangover cure; Toasted dark rye, fried egg, local tomatoes, buffalo gouda & ham and house grainy mustard.
Hot Porridge – Spiced local oats with nuts and dried fruit
Toast With Hagelslag (ha•ghul•slaag)– A thick layer of Dutch chocolate sprinkles on generously buttered toast.
Poffertjes (poff•er•chuss) – Tiny Dutch yeast pancakes dusted with icing sugar, 12 per serving

Lunch & Dinner

Turkey Sandwich – Roasted turkey breast, sausage stuffing, cranberry chutney, arugula on fresh bread. 
Soup – Daily soup served with toast or house crackers.
Stamppot - Smoked sausage, bacon and kale mashed potatoes, with a side of local season veg
Sausage Rolls - sustainable Bison seasoned with traditional Dutch spices, wrapped in puff pastry and served with locally sourced pickled asparagus

Our café is a place where you can meet up with fellow cyclists to connect, no matter what part of your bike journey you're in. What better way to catch up than over an expertly crafted espresso beverage? You can brew like we do with our quality selection of coffee and brewing equipment below.

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