Espresso Bar featuring Rosso Coffee Roasters

The aim of our café is to create the most exciting coffee beverages in southwestern Ontario. We feature talented baristas, who use sophisticated equipment to extract complex and beautiful flavours from our beans. Rosso Coffee Roasters is a relatively new (10 year anniversary in 2017!), and innovative Canadian roaster, working directly with farms around the world to yield bold flavours, and expressive coffees. Their experimental style, and seasonal offerings led us to seek them as our exclusive coffee provider, and we are so excited to share their creations with you. 

Our regular offerings include latte, cappuccino, flat white, Americano, espresso, drip coffee, and pourover. We also offer a fantastic selection of loose leaf tea. Ask us why we love the pourover method, and why we choose certain coffees for certain extraction techniques. We like to share our secrets with you, and help you to brew great coffee at home, too. 

Our regular coffee offerings are highlighted below, and we will feature several seasonal coffees that are typically more adventurous in their flavour profiles than our regulars. Ask us what's new, and come in to try something that will ignite your taste-buds! Check our our blog, or Rosso's for details on upcoming or past seasonal roasts. 

We source our food from local creators, and have an ever-changing menu! Our menu is available here as a permanent link on our site. 

Finally, we love serving you Rosso coffee in the cafe, and we'd love for you to take it home with you. We have bags and jars of coffee available for you to take home, and the jars are refillable! Biweekly home delivery program coming soon, ask us for details! 

2017-08-12 11.23.18.png

Two Wheel Espresso

Two Wheel (Hunapu) is a part of a collection of small farms around the Antigua Valley. Because of their high altitude, these small farms see a cooler climate and less intensified sunlight, forcing the plant and the fruit to develop slower and store more sugars.

Hunapu has a nice clean apple acidity, which finds balance in complimentary date sugar and caramel-like sweet tones.

2017-08-22 11.20.38.jpg

The Tipping Point

Chocolaty, nutty and smooth. This coffee sees a little more development in the roaster to minimize the acidity, hone in on the body and act like a warm hug.

Our current offering for Tipping Point is a coffee from El Progreso, Guatemala. This is a small micro-region just outside of Antigua, with slightly higher altitude. 

Ateneo Decaf

Nothing about this coffee gives away the fact that it's a decaf. Its flavor is full, its body is round and it's a surprise time and time again. 

In the cup, you can expect a rich body, clean acidity and sweet toasted marshmallow upfront. Easy to drink any time of day, and of course it wont keep you up all night.