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Long Live the King (Street Protected Bike Lane)

After a year of dodging cars with texting drivers, and dangerous buses that cross the bike lane every block on King Street, the re-designed corridor with a protected bike lane is (almost) open! This post contains a quick start guide on how to get the most out of London’s newest bike facility, and flip your morning commute from dull to delightful.

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For Immediate Release: London Bicycle Café To Merge with Tesla Inc.

We are pleased to announce today that London Bicycle Café will merge with Tesla Inc. The merger will create synergies between two strong and growing electric transportation companies that will provide significant benefits for all parties. Both firms will retain their branding and autonomy, while transferring knowledge and skills between the companies. The move will also give Tesla a stronger presence in the fast-growing Southwestern Ontario electric bicycle market.

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Introducing Financing for your City Bike, E-Bike or Cargo Bike

We’ve written before about how much less expensive a cargo bike is compared to your “other” vehicle, or how much you can save by starting a bike habit, but we know that making the leap to becoming a one-car, or no-car family can be challenging because of the up-front cost of a cargo bike. So let’s fix that. We’ve partnered with to offer a new way to get you onto a new bike without the sticker shock. By offering instant in-store financing for your new bike, we can help you realize some big savings, while having more fun with your family, too!

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