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Introducing Financing for your City Bike, E-Bike or Cargo Bike

We’ve written before about how much less expensive a cargo bike is compared to your “other” vehicle, or how much you can save by starting a bike habit, but we know that making the leap to becoming a one-car, or no-car family can be challenging because of the up-front cost of a cargo bike. So let’s fix that. We’ve partnered with to offer a new way to get you onto a new bike without the sticker shock. By offering instant in-store financing for your new bike, we can help you realize some big savings, while having more fun with your family, too!

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Bike Valet at Home County Music and Art Festival

We're proud to sponsor the Home County Music and Art Festival's Bike Valet in their 45th year as a festival! Ride down to the park, leave your bike safely with us, and we'll take good care of it while you enjoy the music, art, and great food! Home County Folk Festival will run this weekend from July 20-22 with amazing acts including Donovan Woods and the Jim Cuddy Band. We're excited to make getting to the festival a little bit easier.

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Family Biking on Family Day: Guest Blog

We're often asked "which cargo bike is best," by prospective cargo bike families, and of course the answer is always, "it depends." For our Family Day blog, we decided to ask a cargo bike expert. Lindsay, aka "This Mom Bikes," has been riding with her family for years, and has a cargo bike collection that rivals most people's regular bike garage. We're thrilled to have her perspective on our blog for Family Day, and hope it helps you find the right bike for your family! 

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