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  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee
  • Rosso Rosso Wholebean Coffee

Rosso Wholebean Coffee

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** What’s new this month? **

Rwanda Kilimbi Hydro Honey

This coffee is the result of an experimental processing technique we applied in Rwanda for the first time in 2017. The goal was to combine the sweet, fruit forward flavour from a natural processed coffee and fuse that with a clean, crisp acidity that's generally derived from a washed coffee.

Tasting Notes: Raspberry - Mango - Black Tea

Burundi Gakenke Oro Honey

This tasty coffee has yeast added to the fermentation process. The strain of yeast is called Oro yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Oro is a specific yeast developed for coffee production. The yeast is used to control spoilage of the coffee cherries and this increases the cup quality! This fermentation process gives us complex acidity which we taste as passion fruit and nectarine. There is also a comfortable cocoa nib/chocolate quality that rounds out the cup.

Tasting Notes: Passion Fruit - Nectarine - Cocoa Nib

Hti Ta Maung Natural Red Catuai

Loaded with rich, low tones, this coffee is cozy and comfortable. This coffee shows dark berry flavours, with a sticky, sweet quality that reminds us of raisins. You'll find that sticky and sweet quality also leans into a caramelized sugary quality such as molasses.

Tasting Notes: Dark Berries - Molasses - Raisin


Don’t forget that you can order filters and brewing equipment with your coffee order!

What’s available this month?

The Turning Point:

Our current offering for Tipping Point is a blend of two coffees. We've profiled these two coffees separately and blended them post-roast. Our intention is to match density and bean sizing so they extract at even rates, bringing you the most flavour clarity in your cup of coffee.

Tasting Notes: Dark Chocolate - Mixed Nuts - Smooth


Basecamp is a developed (darkish) roast profile. Classic coffee flavours with a full body and rich sweetness. Expect notes of dark chocolate and sticky molasses with a clean finish. This coffee balances beautifully with milk. Classic coffee flavours with fresh-crop offerings rotating seasonally.

Tasting Notes: Rich Chocolate - Molasses - Full Body

Two Wheel

Two Wheel is roasted as a primary espresso bean, and mixes wonderfully with milk. Currently a 50/50 blend of a white honey Caturra + Catuai from the Imperio Rojo micro-mill in Costa Rica and a washed mixed variety produced by ASOTBILBAO cooperative in Colombia.

Tasting Notes: Smooth - Balanced - Citrus - Honey

Day Tripper

Brand new fun, light and bright coffee fixture! Light and cheery, it’s fruit-forward and delights your tastebuds. Best served as a pourover or other filter brew method, Day Tripper will be your adventure pal for years to come.

Tasting Notes: Fruit Medley - Honey - Juicy

Single Origin: La Esperanza

This washed Colombian field blend is an approachable coffee with stone fruit and citrus qualities framing the cup. You will find that these soft fruit flavours are supported by almond and dark chocolate notes. The body is smooth and overall it is a clean flavour profile.

Tasting Notes: Apricot - Almond - Caramel

Single Origin: Santa Lucia

This natural Yellow Catuai tastes like the chocolate dessert from your favourite restaurant. It's rich in flavour and smooth in texture, with very low acidity, loads of mouthfeel and comforting, chocolate and almond flavour qualities. You'll find it drinks well on its own or is great with some cold or steamed milk. This is a classic coffee. Carmo de Minas, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate - Marzipan - Roasted Almonds.

Single Origin Vunga Decaf (Swiss Water Process)

Seriously good decaf. Milk Chocolate, Black Tea, Sweet Raisin. I know what you’re thinking. There’s no such thing as good decaf. Try this roast against your regular coffee, and you’ll be wowed by its depth of flavour, and late night goodness. Feel free to enjoy a cup after dinner, and not stay up all night after it’s done. The beans originate from the Vunga Cooperative in Northwestern Rwanda, which is led and primarily operated by women. They’ve produced a classic washed Red Bourbon varietal, that is certain to leave your tastebuds satisfied!

Beans are available in a variety of bag sizes. Approximately: 340 g bags = 17 cups, 2 lb bags = 45 cups, and 5 lb bags = 110 cups (contact us for availability of 5 lb bags). Mix and match beans from different regions ‘til your heart is content, and enjoy fresh home coffee!

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