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  • Brompton Brompton C Line Explore
  • Brompton Brompton C Line Explore
  • Brompton Brompton C Line Explore
  • Brompton Brompton C Line Explore
  • Brompton Brompton C Line Explore

Brompton C Line Explore

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Find your Ride and Joy! Unfold your city with the one-and-only Brompton Bicycle.

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Product Description

Big News: We are expecting more Bromptons! Please note that these new Brompton's will NOT come equipped with dynamo lighting systems.

Shipping Canada-wide is available for Brompton's directly from your cart! Simply add to cart, enter your address, and select "Brompton Shipping" (excludes Quebec).

Unfold your city.

Brompton is changing how people experience cities, and travel around the world. Lightweight and durable, with a simple folding mechanism, this bike is designed for your lifestyle. When folded it fits under your desk, or in a closet, making bike theft a concern of the past. Take it with you in your car's trunk, on a boat, or an airplane, Brompton will become your essential travel companion. It’s simply the best folding bike available today, anywhere in the world.

Contact us directly about what accessories we have available.


All of our Bromptons in stock have the following configuration:

The letter designation describes the handle style: the M is the "mid" bar, for a moderate riding position, while the H is the "high" bar, for more upright riding.

This bike is great for

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Flexible Financing

Available from $70.32/month. Apply now!

Compact / Folding Bike / Travel

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The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

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The rating of this product is 5 out of 5

Chris Lipscombe |

This bike folds down to the size of a large brief case. I can keep it inside in a convenient location that does not take much room. The bike is accessible so I can just grab it and go. Locking it up outside is not necessary since I can bring it in with me.

It rides nice and is comfortable just like a full size bike. I usually bring it in with me wherever I go, so no worries about locking, unlocking, or having the bike stolen.

I customized the bike so it turns into a small grocery cart. Grab the bike, cycle to the grocery store, fold into a pseudo-grocery cart with the Brompton Bag, buy groceries, ride home. Again, no looking for a place to lock the bike, unlock it when I leave or worry about it being stolen.

I use my Brompton mostly for commuting. I have cycled 40+ km at a time on my Brompton with no issues. It rides just as well as any full size bicycle I have ever used.

My only regret is that I did not purchase a Brompton years ago.

If you are looking for a new bike, search for Brompton on YouTube and check out some of the videos about the quality and versatility of Brompton.

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