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Andrew stands behind his Breezer Doppler, gazing out to the side, a sword in his hand.Andrew takes a smiling selfie over his shoulder at his daughter on a trail a bike. She screams with joy at the camera.

Andrew Hunniford (he/him) - General Manager Bikes

Andrew has always called London Ontario home and cycling has always been a tool that has not only moved him around London, but allowed him to prosper. His Grandfather and father made a living as London Transit bus drivers and fostered a belief in public transit and active transportation his whole life.

A rider of touring bikes, mountain bikes, commuters, beach cruisers and anything else he can get his feet on. He uses cycling for commuting, shopping, traveling and adventuring with his family.

Prior to the LBC he worked in requirements and product management for TD Bank, Canada Life, InfoTech and he even sold TV’s at Best Buy when they were still heavy. Now Andrew is passionate that the future is made better by autonomous kids (rather than autonomous cars), and is excited about finding the right cycling solution to meet the needs of the people of London.

When he’s not at the LBC you’ll find him chairing the Cleardale Highland Community Association or participating in civics with the Urban League. Once or twice a year you might try and catch him riding up the Bruce Peninsula and back on his Breezer Doppler.

Andrew looks forward to engaging with customers and talking about London, cycling, good routes and the environment.

What’s Andrew riding?

Tern HSD

Breezer Doppler Pro

Alex wears a red poncho and his daschund, Goose, pokes his head out underneath his chin!

Alex Tritton - Service Manager

Originally from the county of Kent in England, Alex grew up near Pluckley, which holds the Guinness World Record for “Most Haunted Village,” and has lived in such mighty places as Bognor Regis and Splott before calling Canada home. As a veteran utility cyclist, he cut his teeth on the mean streets of Toronto as a member-owner of Urbane Cyclist and as a board member at Bikesauce. He’s been proud to assist at London's Squeaky Wheel and looks forward to making further positive cycling waves at the London Bicycle Café. You’ll usually find Alex at our Service Centre, or occasionally in your neighbourhood on our mobile repair unit. He holds a professional bicycle mechanic certificate from the Winterborne Institute in Guelph.

What’s Alex riding?

Larry vs Harry XT E-Bullitt

Tern HSD P9

A close up of Alicia grinning at the camera while holding a tiny baby goat next to her face! Alicia sits crossed legged against a brick wall and half-smiles at the camera. She wears Docs and a denim jacket over a t-shirt that says "Doors".

Alicia Berkelmans (she/her) - Head Chef and Baker

Alicia was born & raised in London before taking off to Montreal to study Studio Arts, Painting, Drawing and Fibre Arts at Concordia University Studio Arts. A former tree planter, Alicia is well-versed in the world of coffee and culinary arts, with 22 years of experience in the former and 16 years in the latter. Most recently she developed a sustainable micro farm focussing on preserving heirloom seed strains - it should come as no surprise that she's an avid gardener, canner and environmentalist.

Alicia is looking forward to bringing the customers of the London Bicycle CAFÉ in-house made baked goods with a focus on local and sustainable rustic cuisine. We are thrilled to have added her to the team with the launch of our new location! Look to hear more about her sustainable culinary vision on the blog. 

What is Alicia riding?

Riese & Müller Multicharger

Tern GSD

Ben smiles at the camera as he applies some tri-flow to a bike chain that's in the stand.Ben poses with his Breezer Doppler for tour cycling.

Ben Cowie (he/him) - Founder, President

Ben was born and raised in London, Ontario. He grew up in Byron riding his bike on pathways and parks, enjoying the fresh air and exercise a bike provides. He studied Earth Sciences at McMaster University, and earned a PhD from the University of Calgary in 2013. He has worked with NASA on planetary exploration missions, and spent two years at Harvard University as a postdoctoral fellow. Traveling is an important part of studying our planet, and in parallel with his field studies, Ben developed an interest in the complexity of cities. He saw how the inclusion of bicycles on public streets can revitalize business districts, save individuals and governments lots of money, and empower people in need of reliable, economical transportation. Living in Hamilton, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Boston, and Berlin, he has seen first-hand how bicycles transform each and every city where protected bike infrastructure has been installed.

He now lives in Victoria BC with his partner and two kids, where he supports the LBC team remotely doing the accounting and paperwork that helps keep the wheels turning.

Listen to CBC’s “The Sunday Edition” piece about Ben’s transition from academia to bikes.

Read Ben’s story “ From Brompton to Bike Store

What’s Ben riding?

Larry vs Harry E-Bullitt (with our shop dog, Hector)

Tern GSD R14 (with his daughter, Rosie)

Urban Arrow Family (with his son, Gus)

Born: 344.79 ppm CO2 | PhD: 393.45 ppm CO2 |
Founded: @LdnOntBikeCafe at 408.84 ppm CO2 |
2021: 419+ ppm CO2 | We’re in a Climate Emergency |

Giancarlo smiles at the camera in front of a tool wall.

London Bicycle Cafe Alumni

Giancarlo Martini (he/him) - Mechanic

Giancarlo has contributed to our team in full and part time roles since we first opened in 2017. He’s taken international travelers across Canada by bike, and held a leading role at the University of Guelph’s bicycle co-op, where he will complete his studies in Environmental Engineering this spring. He holds a professional bicycle mechanic certificate from the Winterborne Institute in Guelph.

What’s GC Riding?

Tern Link D7i

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