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Finance Your Family Transportation

Your 21st century electric transportation is in reach today with financing options that get you out of your car, and on the road toward two-wheeled freedom. We recognize that buying a quality bike that’s built to last sometimes means spending a little more money up front, so we’ve arranged two easy ways to help you leave the car at home more often.

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Libro Credit Union

Financing an e-bike or family cargo bike is easy with Libro! Our Downtown London neighbours set up a first-of-its-kind (in Canada) financing program for e-bikes and cargo bikes that’s similar to an auto loan. With competitive interest rates and flexible terms, it’s easy to get started with Libro. Here’s how:

  • Book a test ride to find the right bike (and accessories) for your family
  • After the test ride, we’ll connect you with our Libro representative who will take you through the financing process
  • Once you’re approved, we coordinate payment with Libro, and arrange pickup of your new bike in-store!

Please note, Libro’s financing program is only available for e-bikes and family cargo bikes. To finance a non-electric City Bike, continue below.

A woman smiles at someone out of frame from behind the handlebars of her Omafiets step through bike.


Thinking about a new City Bike and want to get rolling today? FinanceIt can help you get “To The Grocery Store and Beyond”. FinanceIt allows you to apply for pre-approved financing so you can shop with confidence when you come for your test ride.

  • Click here to apply for FinanceIt pre-approval
  • Book a test ride, choose a reliable bike you’ll love for a generation
  • Complete the verification process in store (you’ll need ID, like a driver’s license or passport)
  • Schedule your new bike pickup, usually within 24-48 hours from verification.

If you’ve already test-rode a bike, and want to get financing after the ride, we can help you get set up in store, too. Just ask our friendly staff and we’ll help you get started.

If you have questions about financing your next bike, please reach out by phone or e-mail, and our team will be happy to help you get rolling.

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