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London Bicycle Café NFT - Auction Today

London Bicycle Café NFT - Auction Today

Introducing the first London Bicycle Café NFT!

A pencil drawing of a bicycle and a rough streetscape.

Our first-ever NFT offering consists of a digitized graphite on notebook drawing of a bicycle locked to a lamppost. We hope the city installs better bike parking soon. San Jose Public Library, Creative Commons License

To celebrate our sixth year in business, we are offering our first-ever non-fungible token (NFT) at auction today! The popularity of this carbon-intensive art form is certain to bring our business in line with recent federal climate goals. Due to the high energy intensity of crypto-technology, buying an NFT (even bicycle-themed ones) emits more carbon pollution than manufacturing real, bona fide bicycles! Crypto requires serious computing power, so each NFT purchase comes with the privilege of emitting 200 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere and uses more electricity in a fraction of a second than you (the average North American consumer) use in a month! For the carbon and energy costs of purchasing one of our NFTs, you could drive 800.672 km in a regular sized car, or use your e-bike to adventure from Alaska to Argentina and back again (more than 50,000 km!). What’s more? Because every kilogram of fossil CO2 emitted to the atmosphere melts 650 kg of centuries-old glacier ice, your NFT purchase will melt 130 tonnes (equivalent to about 100 giraffes) of the cold stuff, contributing to opening the Northwest Passage for shipping and drilling for oil. Does art imitate life? We’re not sure, but if you buy our NFT, you can answer that question for yourself.

On sale now on the OpenStreets platform!

If you’re interested in other exciting active transportation blockchain opportunities, Seattle Bike Blog has recently announced the launch of Bikecoin! According to SBB, “Bikecoin is a triptocurrency that you mine every time you make a daily trip by bike. The funds you earn are automatically not-deducted from your bank account in the form of not buying gas or making car payments. Leading Bikecoin experts suggest replacing your bikechain every 2,000-3,000 kilometers.”


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