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London's Path to Becoming Canada's Most Active City

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London's Path to Becoming Canada's Most Active City

In March Western University’s “The Hub” hosted an inspiring pitch competition under the theme, "Innovative Ideas for Making London the Most Active City in Canada." The London Bicycle Cafe proposal emerged victorious, winning best community pitch, capturing the essence of what it means to transform a community through active transportation.

March 2024 Western University’s “The Hub” hosted an inspiring symposium and pitch competition under the theme, "Innovative Ideas for Making London the Most Active City in Canada." The London Bicycle Cafe proposal emerged victorious, winning best community pitch, capturing the essence of what it means to transform a community through active transportation. Let's delve into our winning pitch and explore how it promises to reshape London's landscape.

Pitch Competition Overview

The competition sought to gather groundbreaking concepts that could propel London towards becoming a beacon of physical activity within Canada. Participants were tasked with condensing their ideas into a concise three-minute pitch, complemented by no more than three slides. The aim? To foster dialogue, generate innovative solutions, and foster connections within the community.


The Winning Community Pitch: ABC; Affordable Bikes for Canadians 

Andrew Hunniford and Dr. Jane Thornton, MD, PhD, CCFP (SEM), Dip. Sport Physician (IOC)

Our pitch tapped into the potential of London's existing infrastructure, particularly the Thames Valley Parkway (TVP) and the University of Western Ontario (UWO) campus, as catalysts for change. By addressing a key barrier to active transportation—cost—the proposal aimed to unlock a new era of cycling in the city.

The pitch opened with a stark reality: the increasing financial burden of transportation on young adults. As cars become a default option, the health of individuals, the environment, and the community suffers. The solution? A bold initiative to reduce costs and introduce incentives that could ignite a cycling revolution in London.

Central to the proposal was the idea of subsidies, designed to make cycling accessible to all residents and students. By leveraging subsidies and positioning London as a leader in sustainable transportation, the pitch envisioned a significant modal shift towards active transportation within five years. Key to this vision were targeted incentives, including rebates tailored to different income levels.

The essence of the proposal: the ABC initiative. By eliminating tariffs, lowering costs, and introducing a rebate program inspired by successful models like Denver, the initiative aimed to make cycling not just affordable but inclusive. It is more than just a transportation solution, it is a catalyst for a healthier, more accessible London.

Moving Forward: A Call to Action

As we celebrate this innovative solution, it's crucial to recognize that the journey towards becoming Canada's most active city is ongoing. The winning pitch serves as a blueprint—a testament to the power of collaboration, creativity, and community-driven initiatives. Together, let's embrace the cycling movement, pedal towards a healthier future, and inspire cities across Canada to follow London on the path to that future.

Step One: Open up your email and let your Mayor, your City Councillor and your MP know what you think. 

We could suggest something along the lines of: 

“As a citizen of London, I am writing to urge you to consider the following actions:

A) Advocate for policies that reduce tariffs on bicycles and cycling equipment, making them more accessible to residents of all income levels. Tariffs: fully assembled bikes 13%, wheels 6.5%, and frames 5% 

B) Support successful initiatives like Denver Colorado has, to provide subsidies and incentives for cycling, encouraging more people to choose active transportation options. $300 to $1,200 for an E-Bike, $500 to $1,400 E-Cargo bike. 

C) Work towards enhancing and expanding cycling infrastructure in our city, ensuring safe and convenient pathways for cyclists of All Ages and Abilities (AAA).

Explain why you support initiatives like these and how they could impact your lives and the community we live in for the better.

The Mayor’s email address is: [email protected] and you can find your Councillor’s email address here. If you’re not sure which Ward you are in, don’t be shy about mailing multiple Councillors! We’re all in this together.

MP - Arielle Kayabaga - London West


MP - Peter Fragiskatos - London North Center



Step Two: Tell a friend! 

Step Three: Share on social media and encourage others to engage as well.

Our winning pitch in The Hub's competition shines a spotlight on London's potential to lead the way in active transportation. By addressing barriers and introducing incentives, the proposal charts a course towards a healthier, more sustainable future. As we embark on this journey, let's remember that change begins with a single idea—and the willingness to pedal towards progress.

Join us as we revolutionize London's transportation landscape and redefine what it means to be an active city in Canada.


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