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Product Preview: Simcoe Bicycles

Product Preview: Simcoe Bicycles

A quick look at Simcoe Bicycles, now in store!

Great news! We received our first bike shipment!

Simcoe Bicycles are designed in Toronto, and represent a North American interpretation of the classic Dutch-style city bicycles. Lighter and nimbler than their heavier European counterparts, they maintain the durability, and ease of use, and classic bicycle style from the continent.

We carry two models from Simcoe, the Step Through, and the Roadster. Both bikes are perfect for trips around town, and come with standard fenders, rear rack and full chaincase. These are beautiful, practical bikes to help you get around the city.

If you're a regular reader of our blog, you're in luck - you're the first to know we're opening for sales and service next week! We'll open our doors to the public at 8:00am on Tuesday, June 13, and because the cafe side of the business isn't quite ready for opening yet, you can park your bike inside the store. Come in for a test ride, a tune-up, a new basket, or just to say hello. We've been working hard to softly swing our doors open to you. Let the citizen cycling movement begin.

Close up of a Simcoe Bicycles head badge.

Full shot of a step through Simcoe bicycle.


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