Store Update: New Hours of Operation Effective August 17

We’re changing how we work is splitting store time into “walk-in days,” and “appointment days.” We’ll be open three days/week for walk-ins, and three days/week on an appointment-only basis.

Walk-in Service:
Wednesday: 11 - 6
Thursday: 11 - 6
Saturday: 9 - 2

Appointment Service ($25 “no-show” deposit required):
Tuesday: 8 - 8
Friday: 8 - 8
Sunday: 9 - 2

Closed Mondays.

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The Parent Pivot

We have a few announcements to make, so let’s get right to it. First, Caroline and I are expecting a baby girl (our first) this fall! Hurray! To accommodate her arrival, we’re restructuring London Bicycle Cafe, and changing how the store operates. Here’s the quick rundown of how we’re shaking things up:

  • New operating hours, with increased focus on appointments for sales and service.

  • Expanding bike offerings, including city bike rentals, repair clinics, and workshops.

  • Suspending all restaurant operations. Our last day open as an espresso bar will be Friday August 16, 2019.

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Long Live the King (Street Protected Bike Lane)

After a year of dodging cars with texting drivers, and dangerous buses that cross the bike lane every block on King Street, the re-designed corridor with a protected bike lane is (almost) open! This post contains a quick start guide on how to get the most out of London’s newest bike facility, and flip your morning commute from dull to delightful.

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