The Wonderful World of Upright Cycling Part II: Ergonomics

"Although more upright than racing bikes, mountain bikes and hybrid bikes do not give good posture for everyday, and around town use; the lean forward posture, still strains the back, neck and wrists. Only the upright posture is really suitable for a pleasant journey by bicycle.

For parts of the bike industry to pretend their sports products are also suitable for everyday use is absurd." 

- Carlton Reid, 

New Bike Shopping: The Hidden Costs of Department Store Bicycles

A bike from your local bike shop might last you decades, a bike from a department store is designed to be disposable after a year or two of riding. Here's our guide to why buying a quality bicycle from a local bike shop will result in you having a more fun with your bike, and why it will cost you less in the long run compared to a department store. 

The Wonderful World of Upright Cycling: Part I

I was hooked on upright cycling before I even knew it was a global phenomenon, before I knew about Amsterdam, or Copenhagen. I wish I'd known sooner. It turns out that in the North American market, people who are new to riding a bike, and urban cyclists of all types have been sold the wrong bikes for years. While in Europe and Asia citizens have been able to acquire practical, affordable bikes that last a long time, the bike industry here in North America became so fixated with selling sporting goods