First Frostbike!

This morning was the first real snowfall event in London, and what a fun day it was to be out on a bike! We whisked along a brisk clip, going a little slower and more cautiously than usual, stayed warm without anything more than our regular winter walking clothes, and arrived safely at our destinations with studded tires on our bikes. The roads were pretty easy to ride (we rode Waterloo St. Northbound from Downtown to St. Joe's), and we arrived on time, just at the end of the 9AM rush hour. Riding a bike in the winter can be really fun, and today it was really beautiful, too. Watch out for snirt (a mixture of snow, ice, and dirt) this afternoon as temperatures warm up, and have fun out there! 

ps - if you're reading this, we're closed at 3PM today. Sorry for any inconvenience!