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The Many (New) Faces of #LdnOntBike - 2018 edition!

When you buy a bike from us, one of the last things we ask you before you roll out the door is “would you like to take a photo with your new bike?” Understandably, not everyone wants to have their face published, but many give us an enthusiastic yes! We love sharing your new bike stories, and showing that there are all kinds of different people riding bikes in our community. Thanks to all of you who have been part of our first full year, we’ll be here to help you sustain your bike habits for many years to come.

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Six Reasons to Start a New Bike Habit, Right Now

We know that the best way to get around campus has always been a bike. A bike is faster than walking, transit, or driving. Not to mention less expensive. You get to move on your own schedule, and get fit while you're doing it. Bikes help you get better grades, too. That jolt of physical activity in the morning is the best thing for your concentration since coffee. Don't take our word for it, though. Here are six great reasons to start a bike habit this fall. 

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