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Six Reasons to Start a New Bike Habit, Right Now

We know that the best way to get around campus has always been a bike. A bike is faster than walking, transit, or driving. Not to mention less expensive. You get to move on your own schedule, and get fit while you're doing it. Bikes help you get better grades, too. That jolt of physical activity in the morning is the best thing for your concentration since coffee. Don't take our word for it, though. Here are six great reasons to start a bike habit this fall. 

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Guest Post: Two Kids and their Bike Commute

This month our kids started to bike to and from school on their own. As a parent it is a leap of faith but we’ve been working up to this moment for more than a year and we knew they were ready. We thought their perspective as bike-to-school commuters might interest London Bicycle Cafe Blog readers so we interviewed them to get their perspective.

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The Wonderful World of Upright Cycling: Part I

I was hooked on upright cycling before I even knew it was a global phenomenon, before I knew about Amsterdam, or Copenhagen. I wish I'd known sooner. It turns out that in the North American market, people who are new to riding a bike, and urban cyclists of all types have been sold the wrong bikes for years. While in Europe and Asia citizens have been able to acquire practical, affordable bikes that last a long time, the bike industry here in North America became so fixated with selling sporting goods

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