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2021 Gazelle E-Bike Preview

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2021 Gazelle E-Bike Preview

Meet our 2021 Gazelle E-bike offerings to make cycling around town easier than ever!

NOVEMBER 24, 2020

Two people grin while riding their Gazelle E-bikes in front of some small storefronts somewhere sunny

2021 Gazelle E-bike Preview

In 2020 we saw an explosion of e-bikes across North America, and in 2021 we anticipate even more of you will choose an e-bike for transportation, recreation, and fitness. We’re thrilled to offer the entire lineup from Royal Dutch Gazelle in 2021, which offers something for everyone. We think they’re magic machines that help your family leave the car at home more often, and have more fun along the way, too! All bikes from Royal Dutch Gazelle are made in The Netherlands, and come with industry-leading warranty and support, plus gorgeous design, and top-of-the line performance. Ready to ride? Read on.

This special preview is to encourage you to dream big, and pre-order your Gazelle E-bike. We’re expecting the 2021 season to be unlike any other. With extraordinarily tight bottlenecks in manufacturing, and virtually no remaining inventory anywhere in the bike industry, availability is likely to be limited all season. To help ensure you get the bike you’re dreaming of, we created a pre-order system so we can ensure you get the bike that moves your family forward. We’ve "booked” a considerable number of bikes in pre-production, but for certain models (like EasyFlow and Arroyo), we won’t see any re-stocking until August or later next year. The brand new Ultimate series will land in our store soon, and you can be one of the first in North America to ride one!

Pre-orders (with a 15% deposit) guarantee your bike’s availability for spring delivery, somewhere between late February and early April. We have also expanded our financing offerings from Libro to help make an e-bike affordable for most budgets (starting from $74/month), and can help you get started with that program, too. To start your pre-order, send us an email, and we’ll make it as easy as ABC! Deposits are first-come, first-served for our pre-ordered stock, and the earlier you get your order in, the sooner we can reserve one from the production line for you.

Gazelle has given us a lot to look forward to, especially with the addition of the C8/C380 which feature nearly zero-maintenance Gates Carbon Belt Drive systems (our store’s favourite). Gazelle has also added the Ultimate T10 high-step version that looks sleek, and flies like the wind. We’re sure one of these bikes will fit your needs, so start dreaming, or send us a note to book a test ride!

Gazelle Ultimate Series

  • Bosch drivetrain and frame-integrated battery.
  • Widely adjustable geometry for upright or sporty riding postures
  • Comfortable suspension, AXA wheel lock, and integrated lighting system
  • High precision alloy frame with 10 year warranty.
  • Three different models, for three different riders. Which is right for you?

Two ladies ride their bikes in front of a storefront.

The Gazelle C380 is a true masterwork. Its components are perfectly designed to give a butter-smooth and powerful ride, anywhere you travel. 

Ultimate C380 - $5,399

  • Do-it-all four season trekking bike. Sporty. Comfortable. Adventurous.
  • Bosch Performance Line motor (65 Nm), 500Wh battery standard (dual battery available up to 1000 Wh)
  • Gates Carbon belt drive system
  • Enviolo C380 continuously variable transmission
  • Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes
  • Light Olive Matte or Mallard Blue colours

A man and woman walk their bikes in front of a bright yellow garage door.

The Ultimate C8 is an elegant combination of style, practicality, and power. 

Ultimate C8 - $4,799

  • Comfortable everyday adventures.
  • Bosch Active Line Plus motor (50 Nm), 500Wh battery (dual battery available up to 1000 Wh)
  • Gates Carbon belt drive system
  • Shimano Nexus 8 Internal Gear Hub
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
  • Light Siena Matte or Petrol Matte colours

The Gazelle Ultimate T10, the high top bar model, sits in front of a wide red door.

Zoom with the Ultimate T10. It’s dialed for speed and efficiency. The fun factor is outstanding. 

Ultimate T10 - $5,199

  • Sporty, powerful, and capable.
  • Bosch Performance Line motor (65 Nm), 500Wh battery standard (dual battery available up to 1000 Wh)
  • Shimano Deore 10-speed gearing for fast and responsive shifting
  • Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes
  • Champion Red, Ivory Gloss, Dust Gloss (high crossbar) colours

A profile shot of the low step through Gazelle Arroyo Elite.

Sit perfectly upright on the sleek and stylish Arroyo Elite, and ride like the Dutch. We think this bike feels like riding in the future. 

Arroyo Elite - $4,699

  • Elegant upright posture: ride like the Dutch.
  • Bosch Active Line Plus motor (50 Nm), 500Wh battery
  • Integrated suspension for butter-smooth riding on bumpy streets
  • Shimano Nexus 8 internal gear hub
  • Hydraulic rim brakes and fender-integrated lighting.
  • Navy Blue
  • Very limited availability!

A profile shot of the Gazelle Easy Flow with a very low step through for upright riding.

The upright Easyflow, with smaller wheels, a slightly lighter frame, and the lowest stepover height of any Gazelle is a superb ride. Complete and practical, with everything you need in an elegant matte black package. 

EasyFlow - $3,899

  • Comfortable upright posture, with lowest step-over height
  • Smaller 26” wheels help you feel nimble and confident.
  • Integrated suspension for butter-smooth riding on bumpy streets
  • Sophisticated and silent Shimano Steps 6100 motor system with 500Wh battery
  • Integrated lighting, fully enclosed Shimano Nexus 8 IGH.
  • Matte Black
  • Very limited availability!

A bright red Medeo T9 Gazelle bike with a mid step top bar.

We’re a little biased, but we think this bike needs to be red. The Medeo T9 is fast, functional, and economical. It features a full front suspension fork for rougher roads, and rides a little more forward than most Gazelles. 

Medeo T9 - $3,399

  • Sporty and fun everyday ride.
  • Bosch Active Line Plus motor (50Nm) with 400 Wh battery
  • Wide range Shimano Acera 9-speed derailleur, with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and suspension fork.
  • AXA Lighting and frame lock.
  • Champion Red, Ice Blue, (mid-step) or Dust Gloss (high step) colours

A profile shot of the Medeo T10, high top bar model, in grey with red accents.

Sleek and speedy, the Medeo T10 is ready for anything. Sleek integrated battery and Deore 10-speed gearing will take you “to the grocery store and beyond.” Ride to Port Stanley for breakfast, and come back to London on a single charge. 

Medeo T10 - $3,899

  • Fast, powerful, and sporty.
  • Bosch Performance Line (65Nm) with 500 Wh integrated battery
  • 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain
  • Suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes, AXA frame lock, and integrated lights.
  • Jeans Blue, Ivory, (mid step) or Dust Gloss (high step).

Our financing arrangement with Libro is the first dedicated program in Canada for e-bikes and cargo bikes. We believe in making family transportation affordable for more people, and Libro is helping us achieve that with great rates, and outstanding service. Thanks, neighbours!


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