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Introducing the Babboat: The World's First Amphibious Cargo Bike!

Introducing the Babboat: The World's First Amphibious Cargo Bike!

You won't believe your eyes...


A man "cycles" his kids in the "Babboat" on the Thames River, London, Ontario.

Meet the Babboat! We’ve been waiting all spring to confirm arrival of the world’s first-ever amphibious cargo bike and we’re announcing today that it has arrived in London! This brand new technology is certain to change family transportation for the better, and we can’t wait to share it with you right now.

Anyone who rides the Thames Valley Parkway knows that it’s unmaintained in the winter, and flooded underwater for much of the spring melt. The solution: go back to the river! Both the north and south branches are open and navigable by light craft like canoes and kayaks in all four seasons, and the Babboat allows you to travel these waterways safely with ease! The Babboat is four-season transportation for cities that have failed to design for bikes on the road: what could be better?

The secret sauce of the Babboat is in the patented rear wheel, which turns sideways into a propeller with a push of a button! When in boat-mode, the Babboat rides “just like a bike” as you continue to pedal through streams, and across lakes, allowing you to go where no bike has gone before! Designed in The Netherlands for deployment in their vast canal system, we’re sure the Babboat will find a home here in southwestern Ontario, too.

A woman "cycles" her "Babboat" on the Thames River, London, Ontario

Rosa Blake showing off the capability of the Babboat during a typical spring flood on the Duck Bridge. Photo credit: Ben Cowie

I used to ride the TVP to drop my kids at daycare, and then commute to work, but in the spring the Duck Bridge was always flooded and I’d be stuck on dangerous roads with fast moving cars who just didn’t know how to share the road. The Babboat is going to change my family’s life for the better, making it safer and more accessible for me to ride with my kids. — Rosa Blake, London’s First Babboat Owner

The advanced technologies deployed in the Babboat have to be seen to be believed. The powerful Ahamay “Ahoy” class motor allows you to paddle upstream just as easily as an e-bike pedals uphill!, while the semi-waterproof battery system ensures there is only minimal risk of explosion with the electric assist system fully submerged. The Babboat inflates clever buoyancy devices from the main frame to keep you upright and afloat as you travel with ease, and the seamless transition from bike to boat is a sight to behold. Small enough to pass through the Suez Canal without issue, the Babboat is also a game changer for global freight transport, too: inquire about our business logistics program to be first to use this rapidly evolving technology.

We are now accepting deposits on the Babboat for June delivery, 15% downpayment with balance due on delivery. Demo model now available in-store, or if you see Rosa on the river, give her a wave and she might let you take it for a dip!


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