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The E-bike Revolution

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The E-bike Revolution

Book a test ride, rent, or just come chat with us about the bikes making big changes to the cycling industry!

As we close down another weekend here in the Cafe, we are realizing the power and reach of electric bikes. Over the past two weeks, we've sent dozens of you out on your first electric bike ride, and every time you come back with a giant smile. The Cafe doctor calls this smile "a case of the grins," and they say it's caused by feeling like you've rediscovered fun on a bike. And it's contagious. Nothing I can write or say to you in person prepares you for the feeling of getting the "boost" from the silky smooth electric motor. We've been so happy to set up so many of you with new e-bikes this spring, we can only imagine the fun you're having out there.

We have one week remaining on our Benno demo fleet, call us to book a free 24-hour test ride this week!


A lime green Benno E-bike by the Thames River (London, Ontario), a Canada goose behind it.

Pedal-Assist Bike Rentals: Available Now

Now that we've started seeing how much you love pedal-assist, we want to give everyone a chance to try it out. We've launched an e-bike rental system, with a fleet of four Pure Cycles Voltas! This is London's first city bike rental system that will let you, or visitors to the city experience London's fantastic pathway network on an electric bike! Rent a bike for $40 for an afternoon, or $50 to take it overnight. Rentals include a lock, helmet, bungee cord, and lights. Battery charger is optional, and available at no extra cost. Come give e-bikes a try with us this summer! 


Rental bikes by the Thames at Harris Park (London, Ontario).

Xtracycle: The Original Family Longtail

Finally, with all the excitement about electric this spring, we haven't forgotten the Xtracycle Edgerunner Electric. It's the original, and still best-in-class long-tail cargo bike. Carry up to three children, enormous loads of groceries, and still feel like you're riding a regular bike. Take our demo bike for a 24 hour test ride any time, and see how Xtracycle is going to change your life. The Edgerunner can be built-to-spec, or our floor model can be purchased for $6500. Xtracycle is family transportation at its finest, come try it for summer adventures! 


Two small children enjoy a fast ride on the back of an Xtracycle e-bike.


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