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Welcome to Ontario, Rosso Coffee Roasters

Welcome to Ontario, Rosso Coffee Roasters

Meet our coffee of choice for the cafe side of London Bicycle Cafe.


Text and logo: "Rosso, coffee roasters"

When I walked into the original Rosso Café for the first time, a few years ago, I remember feeling at home, but I'd never have imagined that eventually I'd be a little part of their business. The smells coming from the coffee bar and roastery were delightful, the cafe was stylish and industrial, and the baristas were true professionals. I developed a relationship with their coffee, got a feel for their experimental style, embraced the ebbs and flows of seasonal coffee, and learned about the passion of the people behind the project. All of that happened while I was just a regular customer, the typical coffee shop consultant you might see in any city typing away on a laptop. How things can change.

Fast forward to 2017, and I found a way to be even more involved in their coffee. Today, we're excited to announce that we are the first café in Ontario to serve Rosso Coffee Roasters. Rosso is a small Canadian roaster based in Calgary, Alberta, who share our incredible commitment to quality. As a result, they create a cup of coffee with aromas and flavors like I've never experienced before. Imagine a cup of regular coffee that tastes and smells like wild cherries. No artificial flavorings, just coffee that tastes like cherries. Rosso works directly with individual farms and farmers to create specialty coffees that are as different from each other as a selection of wines you would taste from vineyards in Niagara. From Rosso founder, David, "We're trying to facilitate a story of growth and passion. Not just our story, but the story of our coffees, their producers and our partners." That's a message we are proud to support at London Bicycle Café. Read more from Rosso on their blog, or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We're stoked to welcome them to #LdnOnt.

An outdoor shot of a red and white building with the Rosso logo on it. Guests enjoy coffee on folding tables and chairs on a semi covered patio out front.

Special thanks are owed to Jessie Attrell and Taylor Klein at Rosso who have been guiding our process and helping with the café opening, training, and product expertise. Love you guys!


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