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Spring Coffee Update

We've been so busy with bikes, we've almost forgot to tell you about the brand new coffees Rosso has created for us this spring! Here's a quick rundown of the amazing cups available now. We have thirteen different roasts available on bar right now on a rotating basis, and each one is spectacular in its own way. Here are the three new "must try" coffees we've been brewing. 

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Suspension for a City Bike? No thanks, I'll take Steel.

It's not that suspension slows down your travel within the city (although it does), it's not that it makes your bike heavier (although it does), it's that most manufacturers recommend service on a suspension fork every 50 hours of riding. This means a professional suspension service every couple months if you have a short bike commute. That doesn't work for most people who ride every day. 

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New Bike Shopping: The Hidden Costs of Department Store Bicycles

A bike from your local bike shop might last you decades, a bike from a department store is designed to be disposable after a year or two of riding. Here's our guide to why buying a quality bicycle from a local bike shop will result in you having a more fun with your bike, and why it will cost you less in the long run compared to a department store. 

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