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Bike Valet at Home County Music and Art Festival

We're proud to sponsor the Home County Music and Art Festival's Bike Valet in their 45th year as a festival! Ride down to the park, leave your bike safely with us, and we'll take good care of it while you enjoy the music, art, and great food! Home County Folk Festival will run this weekend from July 20-22 with amazing acts including Donovan Woods and the Jim Cuddy Band. We're excited to make getting to the festival a little bit easier.

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Grand Opening: the Details

Wow, everybody! As of this morning, more than 900 people are "Interested or Going" on our Facebook event, and we know many more of you plan to join us who aren't officially registered. This is WAY more people than we've ever had in the store, so we're going to do our best to make the day run smoothly for everybody. Have a quick scan below for any last minute information to help you have a great time when you come down to visit us!

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